Night Fly Oct 21, and New Toys!

Don’t forget we have a Night Fly this coming Friday Oct 21! Come early and fly before dark too!

I decided to try something new, and purchased a head tracker device for my DJI FPV goggles, and also a servo-driven camera gimbal. I installed it in my Flex Innovations RV-8, and took it for its first outing last weekend. Wednesday’s weather was too good to pass up, so I flew it again and this time remembered to press ‘record’ before takeoff! What you see below is really boring, but I’m just getting a feel for how to fly around and land smoothly with FPV. Being able to look around really helps with orientation and lining up with the runway! At first it’s a bit vertigo-inducing when you turn your head to look, but that quickly passes. It’s pretty darn cool.

Event Report: Fall Fun Fly

by Chris Boultinghouse

The Fall Fun Fly is over, and it was a heckuva lot of fun! Our Contest Director, Buster H., did a great job as usual and came up with some fun tasks for us to attempt. Mother Nature cooperated too, and provided weather that just could not have been better.

After all the dust settled, yours truly was in third place, Steve M. was in second, and new member Gary M. took first! The look of surprise on his face when his name was called was priceless. 🙂

It was a great day, and I can’t wait to see what kind of fun we can have at the Spring Fun Fly next year. Meanwhile, enjoy some photos of the event.

Fall Fun Fly, October 2

Join us for the Fall Fun Fly! 


Event #1: Las Vegas Shuffle. Time starts, the pilot rolls the dice (two), starts his plane, takes off and does the number of loops that appeared on the dice, then lands. The pilot must then roll the same number again that was rolled originally to stop the clock. Fastest time wins. 10 points deducted per second from 2400 points. 200 points deducted per maneuver not performed and / or if plane misses the runway. 100 points deducted if plane does not stay on runway. The pilot needs an assistant to hold the plane.

Event #2: Timed Flight and Event #3: Dead Stick Spot Landing. These are two different scored events flown in one flight. The pilot will draw a slip of paper with 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, or 120 on it. The pilot will take off and attempt to fly the number of seconds that appeared on the slip. Time starts at liftoff, and time stops when pilot says “now”. 30 points deducted from 2400 per second under or over the number drawn. The pilot can kill his engine anywhere except on final approach and glide to a landing, with the goal being to bring the aircraft to a stop within the circle. 10 points deducted from 2400 per foot from the spot to the nearest part of the aircraft. 500 points deducted if the plane misses the runway or runs off the runway at any point except the end. If the pilot uses the throttle after he calls “now” the score is zero.